As a child, my hair was a mass of curls, but as I got older it began to get frizzy. Instead of trying to find a way to tame the frizz and look after my curls, I began to straighten it. This almost daily straightening went on for over 15 years, along with regular bleaching – it’s safe to say my hair was fried. It was thin, limp, brittle and totally lifeless – I wasn’t happy with it at all, but I didn’t know how to care for curls so I thought that I had no other choice.

That all changed when I had a daughter. An absolutely beautiful little angel. As she grew, so did her hair, and these perfect little curls started to sprout. Everyone commented on her hair, strangers stopped me in the street to tell me how gorgeous her hair was and asked me how I took care of it – because everyone knows that curls aren’t easy. The love and care that I put into my daughter’s hair got me thinking of my own hair – maybe with the same love and care, my curls might come back too!

It occurred to me that I couldn’t teach my daughter to love and care for her curls while straightening my own curls out. I didn’t want her thinking that she needed to have straight hair to be pretty or that there was something wrong with curls. How could I teach my daughter to love and accept herself if I can’t even do that for myself?

And so my curly hair journey began. It was almost exactly 3 years ago and I simply stopped using straighteners and started obsessively researching curly hair products and techniques. I’ve spent countless hours reading about curly hair and curl products, and I’ve spent more money than I care to count buying products to see if they work for me. I’ve tried every technique in the book. Sometimes it’s been wonderful, sometimes it’s been painstaking. Sometimes I’ve had great hair days, sometimes I end up looking like a crazy lady. But I would never want to straighten out my curls again.

My daughter and I are so proud to be curly girls!