How To Use Pomade on Curly Hair

Pomade isn’t something that most curlies believe we can use – and that’s understandable. Seeing those guys with their hair stylishly slicked back can be a source of envy for curly guys everywhere. But what if I told you that you, too, can use pomade – curls and all? With the right products and preparation, anything is possible. So don’t despair my pomade desiring curlies – we’ll tell you exactly how to use pomade on curly hair.

Pomade To Straighten Curly Hair

You’re going to want to start by washing and conditioning your hair. This is an important step as it removes dirt and build-up and will help the pomade gel to your hair properly. We recommend the Hydrating Shampoo by V76 By Vaughn. It’s sulfate and paraben free and will get rid of build up without damaging your hair. Team it with the V76 by Vaughn Hydrating Conditioner for the ultimate moisture bomb.

V76 By Vaughn Shampoo V76 By Vaughn Conditioner

Once you’ve washed and conditioned your hair – and while it’s still soaking wet (you could do this step while you’re still in the shower) – it’s time to break out the comb. Try using something like this Breezelike Sandalwood Comb – it’s non-static material and wide teeth are perfect for curly and wavy hair and you can happily comb through your curls without the worry of damaging them. Carefully comb your hair in a backwards motion, and take care not to pull too harshly if you find a tangle.

Sandalwood Comb

Now it’s time to break out the hairdryer, but don’t use the diffuser, you’re going to need the concentrator nozzle for this one. I know, I know – a website dedicated to maintaining curls telling you to use the concentrator nozzle – don’t worry, we haven’t gone mad here at BCHQ, and we’ll likely never recommend the concentrator nozzle again, but it is definitely needed for this particular step. Try to hold the nozzle a good 20-30cm away from your hair, and using your comb, start combing your hair from front to back. Keep the motion going with both the comb and the hairdryer simultaneously and take your time – you don’t want to dry your hair fully. Once you’ve reached that slightly damp stage, it’s time to put the hairdryer away.

Now you’re ready to add some product. Because you’re a curly, you’re going to need to pick a strong pomade for ultimate hold. Our favorite is Sauavecito strong hold pomade because it’s strong enough to give you the hold you need and still delicate enough not to do any damage to your precious curls in the long run.

Suavecito Pomade

Scoop out some product – about the size of an olive should do to start you off – you can always add more later. It’s better to start with too little product and build it up as you go rather than start off with far too much. Rub your hands together and then rub your fingers through your hair. It’s vital to use your fingers instead of your palms because your palms will dump a load of product at the root and leave the ends dry, whereas your fingers will ensure your hair is evenly covered from root to tip. From here, you can add more pomade each time until you have reached your desired look, and then you can rub the excess product from your palm over your hair once you’re done. If need be, you can use the comb as this stage to ensure even coverage, but it might not be necessary.

At this point, you can go about your day – you’re done! But, you could add a finishing spray to complete your look. A finishing spray acts like a hairspray but it’s a bit more delicate and provides better hold. We like Onesta Firm Hold Finishing Spray as it holds your hair in place without weighing it down – and it smells great!

Onesta Finishing Spray

And voila! That’s how to use pomade on curly hair. It seems like a time-consuming process when you’re reading this but really it should only take 15-20 minutes total and you’ll have perfectly slick back hair to die for.

To make your life easier, we’ve found a video of a curly guy using pomade on his hair to achieve a slick look. Check it out here.


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