Every curly girl and guy out there knows the pain of having your curls on point all day only to have to go to bed eventually. Sleeping on your curls can flatten them, cause them to frizz up, cause tangles and a whole host of others problems that we can’t just brush out like our straight-haired friends can. As tempting as it is to sleep sitting up to keep your curls poppin’ for an extra day, that’s just not going to be restful. Thankfully, there are ways to protect your curls when you’re lying down to sleep, and here at BeingCurly.com, we got you covered. In this article, we’ll teach you how to wrap curly hair for bed so you can keep your curls on point for two, three or even four days after washing it.


Probably the most popular method among curlies, plopping involves applying gel or curl cream to your hair until it’s wet, flipping your hair upside down and piling it all into a towel. We recommend a micro-fiber towel for this to reduce frizz and lock in moisture, although a t-shirt works really well for this if you don’t have a micro-fiber towel.

While you sleep, the gel will do it’s thing while the towel/t-shirt will help it to dry frizz free. When you wake up, remove the towel, flip your hair upside down and scrunch. You can either leave it as it is or style as necessary.

how to wrap curly hair for bed

Here is a really good video that explains plopping a little more in-depth.

The Pineapple

The pineapple is a little less fussy than plopping and it can be┬ádone on dry hair. Just flip your hair upside down and secure it on top of your head with a silk scrunchie so as not to break, damage or dent your hair. In the morning, remove the scrunchie, add some spritz (usually some leave-in conditioner mixed with water in a spray bottle) and you’re good to go.

how to wrap curly hair for bed

Here is a video that shows you the pineapple method.

Loose Bun

Sleeping with your hair in a loose bun is a great way to preserve your curls overnight. Again, it’s easier and takes less time than plopping but it can alter your curl pattern if it’s too tight so do be careful. With your hair flipped upside down, scrunch in some leave-in conditioner and gather your hair in a loose bun on top of your head. Secure with a silk scrunchie then get some zzz’s. In the morning, remove the scrunchie and style as necessary.

Two Strand Twists

Two strand twists are a more versatile way to preserve your curls because you can wet your hair first for tighter curls, or leave it dry for looser curls. To create two strand twists, take a section of your hair, then divide it in two. Twist the two sections around each other and secure, keep going until you’ve covered your whole head. If your hair is very curly, you might not need to secure the twists because sometimes they stay in by themselves – win! You can either leave the strands hanging and sleep that way, or you can protect them under a satin bonnet. (More on those later)

how to wrap curly hair for bed

Here is a handy video talking you through two strand twists.

Satin Pillowcase

By far the easiest way to preserve your curls while you sleep is to simply lie down and sleep. A silk or satin pillowcase is your friend if you have wavy or curly hair because it doesn’t create any friction as you move around in your sleep so there will be no frizz when you wake up. No more harsh cotton rubbing against your curls, instead, your hair will simply glide across the smooth satin. Even if you do decide to try another method, a satin pillowcase is definitely something you should consider buying to keep your curls on point.

Satin Bonnet

Much like sleeping on a satin pillowcase, using a satin bonnet or a scarf will protect your curls from friction while you’re sleeping. Simply bunch your hair inside the bonnet/wrap it in the scarf and lie down.

And that’s how to wrap curly hair for bed! As you can see there are plenty of methods to choose from so there’s no reason why you couldn’t find one that works for you. The beauty of it is that you can mix the methods up as well, there’s no reason why you couldn’t pineapple your hair and sleep on a satin pillowcase. In fact, I’d recommend using one of these methods along with a satin pillowcase or bonnet just to be extra cautious.